Revive has Launched Virtual Trainer!

Introducing the NEWEST Service at REVIVE…. VIRTUAL TRAINER!!!!

Ever want to workout with a Personal Trainer but find your schedule doesn’t work or it is too expensive?

*Travel and need help with Motivation?

*Find yourself wanting to get started with a regular fitness routine but need Coaching?

*Want to learn about Fitness, Nutrition, Stretching or Meditation in the comfort of your own home?

*Need a Fitness Trainer for your staff at work or a small group you put together?

VIRTUAL TRAINER does ALL this and more!!!!


You book a day and time with our Trainers.

How Does It Work?

We train live using your cell phone, laptop, Ipad or tablet. It is sooo EASY!!!

What Operating System is Necessary?

We use Google Chat, Messenger in Facebook or Face Time and then your trainer can see you and you can see them. We take you through your own personal workout.

How Long Are The Sessions?

Many train for as little as 15 minutes a day, every other day or once a week. You basically set up your appointments to meet you needs. We just hold you accountable. That is the SUCCESS of the program. You give us a Credit Card and we will charge a cancelation fee if you don’t sign on without 24 hours notice of cancelation. Now we know situations arise and we understand and wouldn’t chatge the 1st time and maybe not the 2nd but remember you are hiring us as your Coach so we would talk to you about the problem but charge only if it continues:)


What does VT (Virtual Trainer) cost? It’s so reasonable, you’ll never hire a Trainer for less.

$2/minute or Buy 100 minutes for $100 and then you use the minutes as you like, your Trainer will just have a running tally of the minutes used. ***Note: tax is not included.

When you complete your minutes you can choose to buy more, or not. No catch, no hidden fee, no commitment past the 100 minutes.

Only thing is the minutes need to be completed within 3 months as we are trying to motivate you to get results and stay on track and believe you can get 100 minutes in easily in 120 days.

Get Started

Sound like this is for you? Email and book your 1st Trial Session today! 10 minutes is always FREE to start!!!!!

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Address: 13340 Hwy 27, Nobleton, ON L0G 1N0

647-522-3434 or Email

IMG_1054Price lists and information for Personal Training and FST (Fascia Stretch Therapy) on drop down pages


 Spring runs from the week of Mar 22nd to the week of May 24th

Pro-rating is available. Ask for details.

ADULTS 15 + BOXING Wed 6:30 pm $150/person (tax included)

CROSS TRAINING Tues or Thurs 9:15 am $150/person/day (tax included)



Grand Opening Celebration (Sat Oct 17/15 Thank you to Mayor Pellegrinin and Councillor David Boyd for attending!)

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REVIVE in BOLTON  (moved to 110 Parr Blvd in Rise Above Fitness Amachris Bldg)


Revive Back Page Winter 2016- back page 2 5 2 copy 2

Zumba at St. Michael Catholic School

TIME:    8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
COST:  FREE for members of Revive

Winter Session began again Jan 14/16

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