The Revive Team


 Shawn Simpson – Owner / Trainer-Nobleton & Bolton Locations

Shawn is an extremely active guy. With 2 children, a passion for fire fighting and owning and operating his own business, this isn’t always an easy task to commit to, however he does. He believes in each and everyone of the clients he trains and finds a way of making them laugh and enjoy the experience. Shawn is dedicated to making workouts fun but extremely challenging, all with the focus of getting the best results possible. He believes that once you make a commitment and then focus your mind on it, anything is possible. Fitness can make you feel alive and anybody, given the proper guidance, motivation and support, can achieve their goals! He openly tells everyone, “He couldn’t have asked for a better career. To know that he’s played a small part; directly or indirectly, in helping someone become more healthy, fit or achieve their dreams. That to him is as rewarding as it gets!”

Client Base

Shawn’s strength includes not only training adult and individuals but also working with high level athletes and kids. He treats each training session as an “experience” and includes laughter into each session. Everyone knows the the workout has to get done, some enjoy it and some not so much, however, he strives to make his clients laugh and work hard at the same time. He thoroughly enjoys the kids, teams and elite athletes as well. he feels the kids are dynamite kids to work with keep and they keep him motivated and alive with their ability to reach new heights. No matter what group he is training, his experience and education allows him to design a program suitable for all abilities and goals.


  • Darby Training Systems (DTS) Certification
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist
  • Can Fit Pro Certified Group Instructor
  • Certified Kickboxing Instructor Levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Twist Conditioning Level 1 & 2 certification
  • National coaching levels 1 & 2
  • Athletic Team training specialist
  • Fitness Presenter
  • Fitness Columnist for various publications
  • Certified Firefighter
  • First Aid & CPR

Lee-Anne Simpson – General Manager/Trainer- Caledon East Location

IMG_7883-2There is no greater achievement than to the commitment you make to yourself! Believe & Achieve….and I meant it! So many people don’t give a healthy lifestyle a chance for long enough to truly experience the full benefits. Whether it is work, kids, friends or families that get in the way, in my 25 years as a trainer I find that the biggest problem for people isn’t the fitness/nutrition or workout itself but instead their inability to prioritize it into their life. At a very young age my parents taught me a valuable lesson that I think attributes to why I have successfully been able to make fitness a priority in my life. First off, they introduced me to a whole bunch of different organized activities; skating, swimming, ballet, baseball and many more, but no matter what was introduced to me they would always ask me if I wanted to do it and then they would only allow me to sign up on one condition. I must always commit and finish the activity I signed up for. I truly think of this each time I am working with a client. I try my very best to get them to first decide what type of training they want to do and then decide on their commitment level. Once we have established this, I make it my priority to help them achieve it! If you are looking to achieve your goal, it would be my pleasure to assist you in any way I can. I adore working with people and being right beside them each step of the way! I will make you Believe and Achieve anything is possible with a little coaching and motivation-you can do it!


  • American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and Faculty Member
  • ACE Certified & Ryerson University Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Yoga Fit Level 1 Certified
  • Certified Level 1 Resist-a-ball Specialist
  • Reebok University Spin Instructor
  • Presenter at various workshops/seminars & community events
  • Program developer and author of The Answer (Life Coaching & Nutrition) written in 2009
  • Recreation Leadership Humber College
  • 25 years in the fitness industry
  • Group Trainer ~ Circuit, Cross Training, Boot camp, Hot Yoga, Strength Training, Kickboxing, Line Dancing, Aquafitness and Dance
  • First Aid/CPR Certified

IMG_2057Daniella DTomassi-Quatela – Instructor-Nobleton Location

Daniella comes to us with a wonderful energy and expertise in helping people achieve their best. She is a certified trainer and now studying to become a Yoga Instructor.





Kim Anderson – Instructor – Nobleton Location

Kim is an amazing lady, mother of 3 young children, she is on a mission to get people healthy in both body and mind. Her positive, energetic energy is infectious and her love for life has no bounds.She is a thrill seeker with an out look on life that the impossible is possible.