Revive is in the Community. Working with the local football team and creating a pilot “Cross Training” program for the St. Michael’s gym class.

St Michael's Boys competing in the final challenge! Go boys!
St Michael’s Boys competing in the final challenge! Go boys!

There’s no whining in Paula Valeriote’s new physical education class at St. Michael Catholic Secondary School in Bolton – Not because she doesn’t allow it, but because her students don’t.

“You’ll turn around and one guy will be struggling and three other guys will drop down and finish the reps with me,” said Valeriote about the dedication of her students to the program – and each other. “ It’s unbelievable.”

It was those students who persevered through the pain that caused their faces to wrinkle during the last class of the Concrete Core Training Games.

The games are part of a new physical education program at the school – a 90-day core-training regime for Grade 12 students. It’s based on the tenants of Crossfit, a new fitness trend that combines strength training and cardio based activities, plus a little bit of cross training and is run with the help of Caledon-based fitness studio, Revive Fitness.

“It’s not for everybody,” she said while sitting on the risers in the school’s gym as 15 of her students started to do running warm ups.

The class was divided into two groups who faced off in multiple missions to find the “Fittest Male” and “Fittest Female.”

Mission one, valued at 30 points, included left and right tire slams, sumo squat pull up and suicides – both forward and backward.

“We’re trying to make it a little more interesting for them,” said Valeriote, who participated in the program throughout the semester alongside her students.

The program is the first of its kind and was introduced to the Grade 12 students at St. Michael this year to “try it out” as a pilot program.

Valeriote, who has been teaching physical education to the regions students for the past seven years, wants to update the way physical education is being taught in local schools.

This past summer, she, along with Shawn and Lee-Anne Simpson from Revive Fitness…….

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