Personal Training Studio Etiquette


  We are so excited that you have chosen us to help you on your quest towards enhanced health and fitness.  In order to ensure a wonderful training environment for all clients, we ask that you respect the following requests:   ♥  Please check in at the customer service desk each visit and inform our staff of the type of training appointment you are in for or sign in for class, so we can track your attendance.   ♥  For all training and classes, we ask that you arrive early to ensure you can begin your session right on time.   ♥  In order to ensure consistency, enhance results and to respect our trainers’ time and preparation, we ask that you honor our cancellation policy and provide us with 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule a Personal Training Session,  Assessment or Team Training appointment.   ♥  We ask that you bring a water bottle with you for each workout.  To hydrate adequately, drink plenty of fluids before and during your training sessions. For sanitary and hygienic reasons, water is not provided during training at our facility. As a convenience to our clients, we offer various snack, energy and water products. If you would like to purchase any of these products please see front desk and we will take care of your request immediately. ♥  Please be conscious of the amount of perfume or cologne that you wear while working out.  Heavy amounts can be very disruptive to those with allergies.   ♥  Cleanliness is a high priority for us.  If you ever notice something that has been overlooked and should be taken care of immediately, please inform our front desk customer service reps or one of our Trainers and we will take care of it right away.  We have hourly cleanliness checks and a thorough janitorial service is completed each night after closing.  You can also assist in keeping our training studio tidy, by placing all towels in laundry baskets when finished with them, tossing all garbage in the waste baskets provided and wiping any spilled water.   ♥  For safety of your personal belongings, we ask that you lock up your items in your vehicle, as it is always more convenient if you leave belongings in a safe place. In order to allow for ample space for all clients, we ask that when you are done with your workouts you bring all personal items home with you.  We thank you in advance for your understanding.   ♥  To enhance an environment that allows you to escape the demands of the world and to enable you to focus better doing your workouts therefore enhancing results, we ask that you turn off all cell phones in all workout areas.   ♥  In order to take full advantage of a proper warm-up and cool down, secure your space and equipment, and so as to not disturb your fellow workout buddies, we ask that you arrive on time and stay until the end of all Group Training sessions.  If you are running late or absolutely need to leave early, we ask that you enter or exit quickly and quietly.  Please understand that entering or leaving the stretch program or any type of session during a meditative, focused segment can be disruptive to the other exercisers.   ♥  To allow your Group Personal Trainer to guide you appropriately through each workout, please advise them if you are a beginner, pregnant, have high blood pressure or any other medical condition, injury, or pain that may affect your session.   ♥  Feel free to attend multiple Group Training sessions back to back during each visit and please feel free to bring an invited guest to any Group Training session.  This complimentary visit can only be redeemed by the same individual once and in any 3 different classes.   NOTE TO ALL CLIENTS: To maintain our relaxing environment and for the safety of your children, we cannot accommodate unsupervised children.  In the event that you must bring your child with you, you can choose to have child minding services arranged at our facility.  For liability reasons, children cannot play on any equipment unless they are actually scheduled for a training session and a parent waiver has been signed.  Please do not interpret this as us not loving kids.  Most of us have children and want to encourage a healthy lifestyle for them.  However, in order to respect our clients’ needs for a safe and calm environment we must offer structured child minding.  If you have any other suggestions that will help us service you better and provide an invigorating, safe, and welcoming workout environment, please let us know.