What is Functional Movement?

Functional Movement is the ability to move the body with proper muscle and joint function for effortless, pain-free movement.  Learning how to be bio-mechanically efficient with everything that you do, whether it’s for sports and athletics, general fitness, or daily life activities, is very important for maintaining good health and avoiding injury.

If we repeatedly move our body with bad posture, or poor body mechanics, our joints don’t have enough space for our bones to move freely, and the muscles that should be moving our bones can’t fire effectively creating limitations in our range of motion, and muscle imbalances which in time can lead to injury.

During this comprehensive two hour workshop, we will teach you the proper form and technique of the basic primal movement patterns (squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, bend) to prevent injury, maximize training results, build core strength and stability, and correct postural imbalances which often lead to sore backs, tight necks and headaches. Whether you are new to working out or have been lifting weights for years, we guarantee that you will learn something new to enhance your current physical fitness level.

This workshop is suitable for all ages. You do not need to be a member of Revive Fitness to attend this workshop. If you know someone who is a little intimidated to start their fitness journey, the information and first hand experience that they will receive during this workshop will put their mind at ease and give them the confidence that they need to begin their new active lifestyle.

If you have any questions or would like to register for this workshop, please contact us at 647-522-3434.

Participant’s Feedback

“This Workshop is a must for anyone that is working out on any level.  It teaches you the right way to do exercises and what they target.  The Workshop is interactive so that you can understand and learn the right approach. I highly recommend to all.” – Colleen Muise